I’m here in the office – in the pantry. It’s 4:20pm and the TV’s on – no one’s watching. There’s a guy at my back and he’s browsing a website and I think he’s gay… he’s visiting this site – http://www.planetromeo.com/ . . . and how in the world did I know that he’s visiting that site when he’s at my back??? I don’t. I am just guessing. And why did I think he’s gay? It’s with his hair… I can’t explain it. It’s just gay.

Since 11:01am I was already here… browsing some websites, reading some articles, trying to create a planetromeo account. (Wherein I just don’t know why I couldn’t do it.) I’m waiting for my girl to wake up because she’s asleep… in her house. The TV’s still on and no one’s still watching it. Maybe I should turn it off… should I? I’m paid 6k per payday and if I will turn off the TV to save some electricity will they give me a raise? NO. So keep the TV on.

I’m hungry. I should go biking.